What to expect

The experience

Leadership is a craft rooted in who we are as individuals. Creating time to reflect and discover is not only pivotal to our success, but it’s essential to lead authentically and courageously. With just enough structure and plenty of breathing room, the experience is designed to have an impact on participants well beyond the retreat.



Experience and perspective are invaluable gifts. Give and receive through fireside chats and leadership workshops with the industry’s wisest women. Together we will exchange ideas, fill up on inspiration, and find new ways forward.



If we listen to mind and body, we find that there is so much within us to discover. Whether you’re a beginner or have a daily practice, there will be many ways into the art of being present, including daily yoga, nature hikes, and guided meditation.



There are few things more satisfying than getting lost in the flow of making. Throughout the week, we will harness the power of our creativity and find flow, through activities like modern macrame, hand-lettering or block printing. 



The in-between time is where the magic often happens, especially when you’re in the company of inspiring women. Whether you’re enjoying a delicious meal together or lounging by our pool, we know real talk and, therefore, real connection will ensue.