Within is a collection of content and experiences for women in design and technology. Built around connection, reflection, learning and creativity, each experience is crafted to bring together a community and conversation that inspires women to lead as their full selves.




Mia Blume, Founder + Creative Director

Mia is a renaissance woman who moves fluidly between designing and coaching. She brings these worlds together to craft experiences that inspire and support women in leading from an authentic, empathetic and intuitive place. A former design leader at Pinterest, Square, and IDEO, Mia has seen it all.


Ashlea Sommer, Coach + Editor

Ashlea plays at the intersection of language and movement. A design director, leadership coach, and yoga instructor, she sees stories as keys for unlocking who we are and who we can become, as individuals and a collective of women. Ashlea grew up at IDEO, and has worked with clients on all points of the creative leadership spectrum.


Natasha Lo, Chief Wrangler

Natasha makes things happen before anyone else realizes what needs to happen. She’s a magician of sorts, working happily behind the scenes so that all of Within’s dreams go off without a hitch. In her previous life, she made many things at Airbnb happen.