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Within Magazine exists to do three things: challenge the status quo of leadership in design and technology, share practical wisdom for creating environments where all people thrive, and amplify stories of more diverse leaders.

More than a magazine, Within is a community that is driving design towards a more diverse and inclusive future. We are womxn and non-binary folks who have come together to share, learn, and reinvent. Real change may be born of us, but it will take more than us.

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Leading at the speed of sound

“I noticed people who started on the same wavelength would get to ideas quicker.” In this feature on Google’s Ivy Ross, we explore how she is bringing her passion for the healing arts to the corporate world—inspiring creativity, and creating conditions for people to thrive.



Beyond the binary: Maybe Darwin had it wrong

Gender sets expectations in the workplace and beyond. Joan Roughgarden spent her distinguished and controversial career calling for scientists to rethink gender and sexuality in nature. As humans embark on this journey, what might we learn from her research and perspective?


Personal essay

A simple question set me free

“The answers were always there, but overshadowed by the noise of everyday life.“ Stacy La reflects on the unexpected path towards knowing herself, and not knowing what’s next.



Small acts of inclusion

In the designer’s guide to meetings where all voices are heard, Julie Zhuo shares how she realized, “one cannot simultaneously believe that diversity matters and that speaking up doesn't.”


What’s inside?



Surviving on color and curves
The not-so-frivolous value of a woman’s touch
By Ingrid Fetell Lee

The other side of design thinking
By Liz Jackson

Beyond the binary: Maybe Darwin had it wrong
By Andy Wright

Leading at the speed of sound
Google’s Ivy Ross brings healing arts to the corporate world
By Danielle Centoni

Design school dispatch
What the design industry can learn from design schools
By Rachel Berger


A simple question set me free
By Stacy La

I am enough
By Sally Carson

Painting to heal
By Kelsey Janda

Playing the long game
By Rhiannon Bell


Bear Country
By Kiley Reid


Mysterious forces
In conversation with Kristy Tillman, Slack's Director of Global Workplace Design team
By Anna Hartley

The messy reality of a redesign
Behind the screen with Katie DIll of Airbnb and Lyft

How to they/them
In conversation with filmmaker Stuart Getty
By Bailey Richardson

The future of money
In conversation with Connie Yang of Coinbase
By Sadia Latifi


Dear coach
By Mia Blume

So long, monoculture
5 tips for mentoring designers of color
By Melanie Araujo

Sorry, not sorry
Experiments in leadership through language
By Melody Quintana

Remotely closer to gender equality
How to build on the success or remote work
By Sophie Tahran

Small acts of inclusion
The designer’s guide to meetings where all voices are heard
By Julie Zhuo

Mistakes I have made
By Evany Thomas


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