Participant highlights


Within brings together women from different backgrounds and experiences, to share what challenges have shaped them, what questions they are grappling with, and what dreams they have for our collective future.


Margaret Lee
Director of UX at Google

An opportunity to learn, bond and recenter yourself in a supportive group of like-minded women leaders. Not only will you relax, but you will do some necessary work so you can emerge a better version of yourself.


Emma van Niekerk
Director of Design at Intercom

The Within retreat is an opportunity to let your guard down, reflect on your leadership, and learn from a group of peers who have been through many of the same challenges. It's completely rejuvenating.


Anisha Jain
Design Director at Dropbox


Within is an opportunity to focus not on the work itself, but on the person doing the work. It is much needed time to energize yourself to be better than ever.

— Kelly Graham, Senior UX Lead at Microsoft

Within is a community that encourages women to be authentic, and support and inspire each other in that journey, creating more resilient leaders in design and tech.

— Jean Tran, Lead UX Designer at Yieldmo

Within is an opportunity to reset, refresh, and refocus. You’ll open your heart to differing opinions, get clear on your values, and quiet your inner critic.

— Brandi Arnold, Design Lead at Hudl